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Hey Ya'll! 

My name is Jennifer and I am the founder of The PlanHer Company. Being creative has been a passion of mind for a long time. I would constantly have diaries and journals that I toted around with me so that I could catch all my thoughts and write down all the lyrics to my favorite songs. 

I am probably dating myself with that last line but hey! who cares LOL. I currently live in Charlotte, NC with my awesome husband and our 9 month old and 4 year old who are the apple of our eyes. 


I started The PlanHer Company in 2015 after experiencing my now 4 year old Keegan fight for his life. After he made a speedy recovery, my husband and I would go the next year having to keep up with the times that we distributed his medicine forcing me to become organized and dutiful. During this ordeal I developed post-partum depression and turned to planning and journaling to help with my anxiety issues. It worked wonders for me.  

Shortly after I begin The PlanHer Company and we are now creating happiness for women all over the world. In my little slice of the internet we share stickers, creative projects and much more. 

Our goal here at The PlanHer Company is to provide a space were happiness thrives and women are served. 

Thank You fou supporting The PlanHer Company! 

Jennifer Jones 

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